Attlesey | Storm, LLP Wins Motion For Summary Judgment Reestablishing Lender’s $580,500 Lien After Fraudulent Reconveyance Recorded

Suzanne Storm of Attlesey | Storm, LLP won a Motion for Summary Judgment on behalf of her lender client whose $580,500 lien had allegedly been extinguished due to the recording of a fraudulent Reconveyance. The lender loaned $580,500 on a property and recorded a Deed of Trust. Approximately two months later, a fraudulent Reconveyance was recorded and the property appeared to be owned free and clear. As a result, another loan was made and the owner of the promissory note foreclosed without notice to the original lender.

Upon discovering the fraudulent Reconveyance and alleged extinguishment of its client’s lien, Attlesey | Storm, LLP filed an action to, among other things, cancel the fraudulent Reconveyance and obtain an order from the court declaring the lender’s lien to be first position despite a foreclosure sale. Thereafter, the Los Angeles Superior Court granted Ms. Storm’s Motion for Summary Judgment which re-established the Lender’s $580,500 lien on the property thus allowing the client to foreclose on its security.