Attlesey Storm was able to remove a fraudulent deed recorded against its clients’ real property, reinstating the clients’ loan and deed of trust which allowed the client to foreclose on the property.
After a bench trial in San Bernardino County Superior Court, Attlesey | Storm, LLP obtained an award in excess of $150,000 of its client, a commercial landlord, against a former tenant for breach of contract arising from the tenant's early termination of the lease.
Attlesey Storm prevailed in its representation of a real estate buyer alleging damages of $1 million for waste and property damage.
Attlesey Storm successfully defended a real estate seller in Federal Court from a lawsuit claiming fraud and negligence as a result of an alleged undisclosed easement following a foreclosure sale.
In an extremely litigious case, Attlesey Storm successfully represented a commercial lender against repeated bad faith lawsuits and bankruptcy filings and was awarded $60,000 in sanctions for the plaintiff’s conduct, which was upheld on appeal.